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Skins - Rainbowtaves

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Here you can find the skins I’ve ever played with.

Download /skins folder (compressed .zip)

You can also download each skin individually here. Mirror

This folder contains

  1. NEW GAME!! (Rafis HDDT Edit) Screenshot 1

  2. New Noel skin (BTMC & Rainbowtaves Edit) Difference is only in hitcircle colors Screenshot 2

  3. Aristia Screenshot 3

  4. Seoul v9 [Bullet4fun Edit] Screenshot 4

  5. Nanamori Screenshot 5

  6. Senko-San Hideru Screenshot 6

  7. Gasha Singletap Screenshot 7

  8. Gesugao Screenshot 8

  9. Sotarks Remake Screenshot 9

  10. Rainbowtaves’ Shit Screenshot 10

If you didn’t find some skin, just let me know. Write me in osu!DMs or in Telegram.